Day 5: Zachary Dick: a Gallant Talent

Today was a revelation. To recap, we spent time in the classroom with Ellie Doyle from TalentHub. In short, she is incredible; to see how she grew her business to the size it is in just a few years is something I truly admire. We learned about the interview process, and what it really means to be a “talent”. All of which was very fascinating.

Looking into my strengths, now; they are as follows:

1 Adaptability

2 Ideation

3 Restorative

4 Futuristic

5 Communication

In that order.

I think there couldn’t be a more fitting strength than “Adaptability” for international travel. Since being here, we’ve really had to adapt to “living in ambiguity” mentality. I think, also, that adaptability is a perfect trait for my top strength. I pride myself on my ability to just go with the flow. Ideation is nice because coming up with new ideas is an important part of the creative process. As far as Restorative, I think that this is a key component of operating in a group. When people disagree, it is important to restore the peace. In Terms of Dublin in general, futuristic is important because Dublin is an ever evolving, forward looking society. That is a tough strength to apply on our trip, but thinking about the future is important. Last, communication: This is one of the pillars of business in general. In our trip, it is important to be able to communicate to get the most out of our tour guides and experiences in general.

I think my strengths come together to form an incredibly interesting set of skills. I think that they bode well for the direction that the economy is heading. And for that reason, I consider myself…


a gallant talent.b7e52643-609c-42f7-b38b-38330f61ac64


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