Day 5: Living in ambiguity

Hello all, please bare with me as I am typing this on my phone. While my title doesn’t really have anything to do with our activities today, it is rather apparent in my current situation. Our apartment Wifi was out so to fix it I needed to restart my computer. In order to restart my computer it needed to update. My computer has currently been on update 1 of 4 for the last two hours so here I am typing this in my phone. Maybe it will finish updating by the time we get back to the US.

Anywho, my top 5 strengths according to the Gallup Strengths finder test are the following:

1. Includer

2. Achiever

3. Focus

4. Positivity


I feel like these strengths have been very apparent in this trip so far. First included, I think this helped me from the very beginning. I think it helped me really bond with the other members in the groups and become friends with everyone When it comes to achiever I think this has helped me stay up with all of our busy days and stay involved with all of our activities. I think focus has helped me in similar ways. Since we have been very busy it can be very easy to lose focus on some of our trips so I think this has been very benefitical to me. When it comes to positivity I think I have used this to always keep a positive mindset towards all of the visits we are going on. Finally, I think woo is very helpful to me. Throughout our days here we have met and will continue to meet a lot of new people so Woo has helped me connect and build a relationship with these new people.  Hopefully I can continue to use these strengths throughout this trip.



P.S. My computer has had a sudden turn of events and has come back to life! I’d like to thank everyone reading this for going on that journey with me, I couldn’t have done it without you. fabf374e-1440-4072-9176-2c0e31085aca.jpg

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