From Lawrence Hall to Florence, Italy

Today, we left the city of Milan, for Florence. The bus ride was a hearty four hours, but we were on a nice coach bus, so the ride passed quickly. About half way into the trip, we stopped at the nicest rest stop I have ever seen to eat lunch. After arriving to Florence, we walked to our hotel and checked into our room before fully starting the day. Our room, which is a quad, is fit for a royal, and has plenty of space for each of us.

Next, our group embarked for the Ufizzi Museum to look at some of the major works of art from Da Vinci and Michelangelo. We saw the first profile painting of one man and woman and I learned that women back in the olden days died their hair blonde with ammonia from their urine. Only a few blocks away from our hotel, we encountered the Duomo in Florence. I thought that the cathedral in Milan was pretty, but this one rivaled if not topped the previous detail.

Dinner was altogether and we finally got some protein in our systems. The first course was pasta bolognese sauce. This course was then followed by veal, sausage, and french fries. I excited to further explore this new city because it looks like quintessential Italy!

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