Gallup says I have strengths but I can only lift like 2 kilos.

My top 5 strengths and how I use them on this trip:

  1. Competition: measuring progress against the performance of others, strive to win and revel in contests – during this trip I have used my competition strength to absorb the positive energy of others and feed off this to equal their level.  Whether in class or at site visits, I perform better because of the people surrounding me and my desire to be at their level.
  2. Command: taking control of a situation and making decisions – at the beginning of the trip I used my command strength to attempt to organize dinners or group blog writings.  This strength helps me abroad to organize groups from the outset and make decisions whether people agree with them or not.
  3. Input: this strength emphasizes craving to know more and collecting and archiving all kinds of information – this strength is especially helpful in an unfamiliar environment like traveling to a new city as we are doing currently.  I seek out any information I can get from what side of the sidewalk people walk on to where the street signs are located in order to make the smoothest transition possible.
  4. Ideation: this strength emphasizes being fascinated by ideas and being able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena – during this trip I have used this strength to connect various inputs such as the culture here and the site visits to formulate ideas regarding Irish culture and the people here.  It helps me to gather knowledge from different areas and combine it into something that makes sense.
  5. Futuristic: people with this trait are inspired by the future and what it could be – I use this strength during this trip since Ireland is such a future focused country and I can see their vision and understand how they see their country progressing in the future based on what we have seen.

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