Day 5: Playing to my strengths

Its day five and we have already had to fight through some adversity here in Dublin.  Then is the face of adversity, knowing what your strengths are and being able to implement them can be key in getting yourself and your group/team through it.  Throughout this trip I have been able key in on each of my strengths from the Gallup Strengths Finder and it has helped myself and our Plus3 group in getting ourselves through the hardships here in Dublin.

Positivity:  Just this morning, you could feel it in the classroom that there was a lack of energy and moral was low.  I took it upon myself, and when it was my group’s turn to present, I tried my best to turn the classroom into an electric factory.  I hoped that my enthusiasm on the topic would be contagious and help turn the day around for the best.

Maximizer/Empathy/Includer: These three strengths I have tried to use together in making a strong bond between all of us in plus three.  Coming in, I immediately was able to hit it off with a small group of the kids on the trip.  I knew that going to a foreign place, a lot of unexpected things would happen and most likely we would end up having to rely on one another.  This meant that creating a strong group bond would be important.  My empathy/includer based thinking helped in including all 20 students, and the maximizer in me has led to strengthening the bond between us all.

Woo: Woo, in a nutshell, means that I accept and embrace the challenge of meeting new people, and enjoy the challenge of winning them over.  This is especially applicable on this trip because we are basically doing one site visit a day and meeting a ton of new people.  Its like the day is a loss if I cant have a conversation with the person and then get them to like me.  Although it may be seen as an insecurity, it has consistently led me to learn extra things that I would have never gotten had I not approached the different site representatives.

I hope that I can keep playing to my strengths, and relying on my new friends here in Dublin to pick up the slack when my strengths may not be applicable.



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