Ireland Day 5

Navigating a new country for the first time entails using many different parts of my personality and decision making. I have certainly used my top 5 strengths from the strengthsfinder on my trip so far in various different ways! Competition, maximizer, strategic, significance and positivity are my five strengths. Through the use of these strengths I think I am finally starting to get a handle on this whole studying abroad thing!

Competition is a strength that reflects people who strive to always win and compare their successes to the successes of others. I have definitely used this strength during my trip to Dublin so far in various ways, the most important being throughout the school activities we have done. It is not in my nature to blow off assignments or not give my full attention to the success of something I am completing because I do not like to be inferior to others. On the trip when we have had to do school related activities such as pre arrival assignments, blog posting, and site visits I have always made sure to complete the assignments well and I can attribute this to my strength of being competitive.

My next strength is maximizer which describes someone who strives to make a good thing into a superb thing. This strength has definitely shown through on my trip thus far because I make it a priority to get the most out of each day. I have done so many activities so far and am absolutely exhausted, but how many times do you get to explore around Dublin?! I do not let anything stand in my way during the day and have made sure to seize every moment!

I have used my strength of strategic on this trip frequently because I have been in a new environment and have had many different scenarios thrown at my thus far. Strategic people are able to think of new ways to proceed in different situations. For example, while in Dublin I have had to figure out the bus system as an alternative way to get home when we are too far away to walk.

My next strength is significance which entails wanting to be important in the eyes of others and be recognized for their accomplishments. This trip has overall given me more life experience and will allow for me to stand out in interviews down the road because I will now have an significant experience to speak about. Although there is not a specific experience on this trip that I have demonstrated significance, overall I will be able to do so in the future.

Last but not least, I have definitely utilized my strength of positivity. Similarly to my strength of maximizer, being positive has allowed me to embrace new experiences and go on adventures that I have not experienced before. Being positive allows me to seize the day and embark on journeys I have yet to do. For example, after class yesterday we decided to go check out Grafton Street without thinking twice about it!



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