Lá a Cúig: Day Five – Utilizing My Strengths in Ireland

Communication: This means I like to explain, to describe, to host, and to speak in public. I have been using this strength to meet new people on this trip and meet locals.  This allows me to have a deeper understanding of Ireland’s culture by talking to Irish people and learning more about their passion for their culture.

Includer: I enjoy getting to know everyone on the trip. I include everybody when going out to explore the different areas in Dublin from Grafton Street to site visits. I actively avoid groups that try to exclude others.

Empathy: This is the most important strength to have while Dublin. I am able to sense emotions around me and feel what others feel as if they are my own feelings. Using my strength of empathy, I am really able to empathize with the Irish on their history and respecting the culture I am living in today.

Woo: Woo stands for winning others over. I enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like me. I have been using this strength by engaging and enriching myself around the Irish. I try to not stick to the American stereotype and be friendly to all locals I meet.

Strategic: This enables me to sort through the clutter and find the best route. I’m strategizing my time by making the most of this trip. I realize that I won’t always have this luxury of exploring Dublin with my friends, so I am making the most of this trip.

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