Miles to Monteverde

It seems to me the communities leading up to Monteverde are not as affluent as the communities that we have seen around Heredia and San Jose. There was also a lot fewer communities and it was much less populated that the Central Valley. The bus ride gave us an interesting view of the Costa Rican landscape and environment. We also got to see how treacherous it can be traversing the Costa Rican landscape on dirt roads, so I cannot even imagine how difficult navigating was before a major road system was put in place.

I have now learned that Costa Rica has much more to offer than just a tourist destination with beaches. I believe that Costa Rica is developing well despite the obstacles the country faces. I now understand the history of the country that has lead it to the place where it is now. It is also very clearly to me that although Costa Rica is not completely tourism, tourism does play a significant role in the economy for obvious reasons as seen in the picture.


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