Day 5: Ciao Firenze!

This morning, we ate breakfast and loaded the bus for Florence.  It was a four hour drive, but we stopped at a “rest stop” for lunch.  The rest stop was completely different from those in the US… They served pasta, fresh fruit, paninis, cured meats, and various other Italian delicacies.  Sure beats Taco Bell and McDonald’s right??? However, I will credit the US rest stops for having toilets that are “sittable”- squatting is getting very old.

We arrived in Florence and checked into our hotel (our room is huge) and then went straight the the Ufizi Museum.  We took a guided tour there and saw many Italian paintings.  We saw how art evolved over time (from medieval to renaissance), and got to observe paintings by Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.  Everything in the gallery was from the private gallery of the Medici family, some of the first rulers of Florence.  Even though we spent the entire morning sitting on the bus, we still looked for a bench to sit on in every room of the gallery.  Afterwards, we ate a group dinner of penne bolognese, and went for gelato.  I can’t wait to see what else Florence has in store 🙂

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