San Jose fue muy divertido

San Jose and Pittsburgh have much in common. Both cities were founded on the back of an industry. Costa Rica became a a big player in the world’s coffee and banana trade due to their perfect climate. Pittsburgh became a powerhouse in the world’s steel industry because they were in a perfect location with lots of ports and access points. However, a major difference between the two now is one city has industrialized and the other is still waiting to flourish. We can physically see this difference in the amount of transportation available to the public. In Pittsburgh, the area is very urban with 446 bridges and busses, and trains running around the hour.  In San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, there are only 2 train stations in the city. San Jose is the biggest most industrial city in the country, yet can still see the remittance of the coffee and banana selling roots. For both coffee and bananas, the production does not encourage industrialization,  actually the opposite. In order to farm bananas and coffee, one needs a lot of agricultural space. As Dr. González said, coffee is surprisingly not the largest export of Costa Rica. From that information we gather the percentage of coffee exportation has decreased significantly. Costa Rica and more specifically San Jose was built on the capital gained from selling their beans. The railroads were originally built for the transportation of coffee beans, but now it mostly for commercial use.

I think it fits the Tico lifestyle perfectly that they do not use street signs or addresses. The Tico people are very relaxed and do not care if if their walk get lengthen by another 5 minutes because of confusion. Also, native tacos have no trouble following landmark driven directions. However, for the tourists, it could be very difficult to understand these sorts of directions. Many tourists get lost and confused when not given street and number. I don’t think it will take away from the of the tourism industry, but it could get on “gringos’” nerves.

In my opinion, I believe there is always room for improvement. Although it would take a lot of work and organization, the country would be more logistically sound with street signs and numbers.  Mail would not get lost, people would know where they’re going and less time would be wasted wandering.

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