Busy Day in Florence

Hello from Florence.

Today was a long day and just about everyone crashed. I woke up at about 7:00 and checked out some things in the main square. It was very interesting to see the square empty of pedestrians, but it had some cars. Italians drive on everything and anything that they can. After breakfast we made our way to the leather factory. At the leather factory we saw how artisans are trained and how they create leather products by hand. What makes them an artisan is that they know how to do the process from beginning to end. This school was one of the best schools in the world for designing hand-made leather goods. After that I got lunch with some of the guys. This place was not as good as the food in Milan, or last night, but it was decent. Later in the afternoon as a group we went to the Gucci Garden. This was an interesting place.

The Gucci Garden is home to a historical display of Gucci’s clothes. This place didn’t really make much sense to me because the clothing was too artistic and too “out there” for me. But it was nice to see some parts of it.

Directly following the Gucci Garden we went to the Galileo Museum, this was on mostly history of science stuff. This was an interesting tour. As an engineering student my life has been basically immersed in science for the last 4 years. I have been taking a science based curriculum since I in like 10th grade. Most of the things we learned were review of very basic physics topics. Although some of the things were new to see like the Altminer. This was a large globe of Earth that was surrounded by different wooden rings to show how the universe was supposed to look. This was quite fascinating because I had never heard or see of one in real life. Obviously we don’t use them anymore also.

That was basically my day. In the evening I took a 1.5 hour nap, and got pizza from a street food place. I plan to just stay in tonight, get some sleep and refresh for tomorrow. A lot of the people on the trip are at a crashing point right now. Many of us have taken naps. Thankfully our day doesn’t start until 12:00 tomorrow, so we have a good bit of time in the morning to sleep.

Since I have a little bit more time, maybe I will be spicing up my blogs a bit with some HTML coding. I dont know if I will be doing this for sure, but I might as well try.

Things that I learned from today:

  1. Modern art isn’t for me, but I can appreciate old art.
  2. I need to make sure that I sleep on a regular basis in order to function properly on this trip.

Just for the fun of html, I am going to put a table in the post to see if it works, maybe I will put more things up in the future.

This is just a test
To see if it it works

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