Day Zwei (Two) – Smart Students, Beautiful Campus, More Walking

It was a beautiful day, blue sky with white clouds and some cool wind. We took the trolley for the first time to go to the University of Augsburg located about 20 minutes away. The campus is beautiful. A mix of modern style and old European style buildings. Maybe because I was able to get a good night sleep in, I felt much better than yesterday.

We started the day with a short informal presentation about the company introduction project that we have to complete this morning. In a classroom with all the German students, Dr. Feick’s cold jokes lessened the tension a little bit by bringing out some laughter. There are five teams in charge of five companies. Each team consists of four Pitt students and three German students. Derek, Lexi, and Stephen are in my group, and the three German students are Felix, Janni, and Marius. After dispersing, they took us to a conference took to work on the project for the next hour. They were very smart, organized, and open to new ideas. Before anything, they gave us a list of websites and ideas that we could use for our presentation. We distributed the work pretty well and had a very good presentation. Surprisingly, their English is really good, just that they sometimes struggle with vocabularies. After the presentation, we had a chance to eat at their cafeteria and walk around the campus. Their cafeteria is insane, a ton of spaces with a choice of outside seating, very diverse food choices, and the food quality can be compared to regular restaurants. If we put this cafeteria on a scale in terms of how nice it is, I don’t think I can even see Market (Pitt) at the bottom of the scale. Again, the campus is truly beautiful. There are many green spaces and a huge track and soccer field. The trolley track that cuts through the middle of the campus allows students to commute around the city easier.

After the campus tour guided by the four Augsburg graduates who will be studying abroad next semester in Pitt, they took us back to the city, split us into two groups and began a scavenger hunt. Most places we went to Dr. Feick already took us on the first day, but it was fun and informative since the questions were the important history of Augsburg. However, we must’ve walked 5-6 miles, or even more that day. The hunt ended at a brewery called Riegele BrauWelt, there we had a chance to taste some beers while sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunset. Oh yeah, you probably should know the legal drinking age in Germany is 18, not 21 like in the U.S

The last part of the day was a dinner at a popular pizza place in the downtown city. Comparing to the Deep Dish I had in Chicago a few weeks ago, Germany’s thin crust pizza is something else. Instead of focusing on the crust, all the different and yummy flavors come from the combination of what’s on the pizza. Let me tell you: If you come to Germany, this is something you cannot miss.

Also, the first two pictures are from the bathroom in the brewery.

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