Consulate Day

At this point in the trip I feel that traveling and all the unfamiliar aspects of this journey are starting to catch up with me. Today was a long day for this reason, but was also interesting as we got to visit the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. During our visit two officers spoke to us about the duties and daily functioning of the Consulate. As a worker, most employees interview Vietnamese citizens that are applying for visas. I found it interesting that the length of the visa application process varies by the type of visas for which one is applying. For example, a student visa typically is approved faster than someone who is visiting a relative. The consulate also hosts events, such as movie screenings and lectures, and provides resources, like language material, to Vietnamese citizens in the city. When asked why America has chosen to invest time and resources into the development of Vietnam the officers spoke about how important it is bolster a strong relationship with countries like Vietnam because of the bright and a potential ally. Overall the site visit was very informative, hopefully the beach day tomorrow will provide some much-needed relaxation.


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  1. great blog, the consulate sounds cool, rest on Saturday

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