Day 6: Ulmmmm?…. I couldn’t think of a title

Seriously I was stuck on this blog for a while simply because I couldn’t think of a title and I didn’t just want to make it Ulm, so kinda that but with a twist…Anyway, we went from the day I was looking forward to most to probably one of my least favorite days I was looking forward to. It was our trip to the city of Ulm.

At this point now my opinion has changed, but at the time walking 768 steps up to the top of the Ulm Münster was not a feat I wanted to accomplish. I will admit a main part of this was due to my knee, which I had surgery on a couple months ago and still wasn’t done with PT, so I was a little worried.

The Münster (tall right?)

We walked to the station where we got on a train headed for Ulm. It was a really nice train too! When we arrived we walked towards the Münster as this was our first task of the day, rough right? Before going up there were some little Einstein statues for a fundraiser in the town where you could buy one! I was tempted.

After a little bit of looking at the (very tall) Münster, it was time. I don’t know how this happened but I ended up second in the pack of about 20 people right at the start. If only I could have kept up. Only a short time in to the climb I stepped aside and let several people pass because I knew they’d be faster, and they were. I kept going though, I wasn’t going to not see the view from the top! Everything was going well, I was in a little pack of three, all going at a pretty good pace (not too fast, not too slow). I felt us nearing the top, but then I somehow smacked my head on one of the metal bars of the ‘window’ and it hurt really bad.

Still, the little group of three we had was powering through and we finally made it! However, right at the top there was a standstill. The top’s a circle and the staircase at this point is so narrow. We had so many people at the top to the point where we all went around the circle and down the staircase so people couldn’t move. This was a super small area and it was just not comforting at all, it felt good to breathe after getting off the stairs.
The view was amazing and it made those 768 steps fully worth it! I walked all around the top, took in the scene, snapped some pics, but then it was time for the descend, which could have been honestly worse the going up. I slipped a couple times but caught myself, which was still a little scary. I made it down to the first platform where I had to take a break because of my knee. I realized that out of the couple people still taking a break, it was mostly the people with knee ‘issues.’ We had a couple meniscus tears and ACL tears so we were some of the last to get down.

When I finally made it down I was super happy but then as I was just standing there my legs were shaking and there was literally nothing I could do. I wasn’t in any pain so it was just more annoying than anything. I felt bad too because Sonja was really worried and thought something was wrong but I was totally okay for the most part, just a tired knee and leg.

Onward with our day, it was time for the city tour of Ulm, many of us already tired  weren’t looking forward to this so much. The tour ended up being fairly interesting and the thing I enjoyed the most was seeing all the different types of architecture. I was actually pretty surprised at the amount of modern/contemporary buildings there were. Also, we learned about there being Ulm and New Ulm, which is even more modern!

The differing architectures in the town

Our guide dropped us off at the restaurant where we were having lunch, and they were basically really large crepes. I had a bacon and cheese one, it was so good! Apparently, I ate it the French way, meaning I rolled it up, which was kinda funny especially given the fact that we weren’t in France and I’m not French either. How I see it: you get every flavor in every bite this way.

We took the train back and headed for the university for a talk regarding BMW. It was interesting hearing about all the technology regarding autonomous vehicles. We’ve already talked a lot about them but I was cool hearing even more and seeing the different stages lined up.

There were also three birthdays on this trip so we had cake after the talk for them, which was really nice! We had a little reversed meal, because after the cake we all went to grab dinner, so dessert first then the main course. We went to Allegro which was an Italian restaurant. I had pizza bread, so basically a pizza with no cheese. It was a decent meal and wasn’t too expensive which was nice! We ended pretty early compared to the rest of the days this week, which was nice and gave us time to relax before another busy day ahead of us!


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