Exporting Ireland’s Food, Services, People and Culture Around the World

The rainy weather has arrived in Dublin! Despite the rain, wind and cold temperatures, locals were walking in the streets with no umbrellas or rain boots. In the US, I feel people rely a lot on the weather forecast to decide what to wear, but in Ireland locals are less concerned about the weather when choosing what clothes to wear for the day. Today, we had the opportunity to visit an indigenous firm based in Dublin called Bord Bia. The name is in Irish which is translated in English to “Irish Food Board”. It works exclusively in the food and drink industry, with a global focus in order to promote Irish food and drinks around the world. The presentation given by the employees was very detailed and the office has a similar atmosphere to Google, but in a smaller scale. They have spaces decorated with colorful signs and different fonts to create a place for creativity and innovation. Bord Bia, besides exporting food and drinks around the world, it helps farmers to start their own business and succeed as entrepreneurs.

“Ireland Inc.” is a phrase that we listened to during today’s presentation by the industry talent manager at Bord Bia. It talks about how to create the most talented Irish workforce for the growth of the economy in Ireland. It is a term used to stimulate students and employees to work hard for the success of the country. I have seen this new trend during in different situations here in Dublin. First, at Bord Bia the talent manager talked about their talent program which includes different graduate programs in Irish universities to provide paid education for future leaders in the food and drinks industry in Ireland. This program also promotes “Ireland Inc.” internationally because students are placed in an internship with global food companies to put in practice what they learned in their studies. This talent program helps to bring the industry together and let other countries know that Ireland’s workforce is of high-quality. Another example was at Google. The company offers to its workers rotational programs abroad in any of Google’s offices around the world. This program promotes Irish culture and talented, creative and innovate people to other countries in the world. Also, it is designed to welcome employees from other countries to Google Dublin to show them the potential and talented workforce that Ireland has to offer to the world economy, and emphasize that Google Dublin is located in the only English speaking country in the EU. Finally, in yesterday’s lecture, the presenter gave examples of how to prepare for an interview based on Ireland’s standards. It was very detailed and it seems that companies are looking to hire the best person for a specific job based on potential and competencies.

Horticulture World Map at Bord Bia, Food Irish Board


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