Firenzi Leather

Today our group took a trip to the Florence School of Leather.  It was a great experience and we got to see the whole process of making leather goods from purchased, raw leather to a finished product fully equipped with embroidery and all.  We were allowed to feel the leather made from lambskin, goatskin, deer skin, cowhide, ostrich skin, alligator skin, and python skin.  It was very interesting to learn where the finest skins came from, and how much the raw materials used to make finished leather products cost.  We also got to see how the leather was stitched and then guided with gold to form a finished product.  All of the leather products looked amazing, and the school was kind enough to give us all a 10% student discount on all of their products which included belts, wallets, bags, jackets, and more.  It was a very great tour and it showed me a lot about the entire leather making process.

In addition to visiting the leather school, we also visited the Gucci Gardens and Galileo Museum of Science.  Personally, I was not too impressed with the Gucci Gardens.  It was certainly an experience to be able to see some of the most sought after fashion items in the world; however, most of the showcased designs were much too gaudy for me.  I would have to say that I preferred the Gucci stores in Milan over the Gucci Gardens here, they were more practical in my opinion.  But on the contrast, the Galileo Museum was very interesting.  It showcased some of Galileo’s works along with some very important scientific displays ranging from astronomy and cartography to chemistry and physics.  I was a big fan of the scientific artifacts, many of which I learned about previously in my history and philosophy of science class.  Actually seeing these artifacts gave me a whole new appreciation for what ancient scientists were able to accomplish with the limited tools they had available.  I was also able to see a lot of physics demonstrations that I had previously bee exposed to in the classroom, but in their original form from the era of the scientific revolution.  All of this made for a great experience in the museum, I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning a visit to Florence.

Overall, this day was one of the best and Florence has taken the gold so far.  I look forward to whatever tomorrow brings, because if the past two days can serve as indicators, it will be very exciting!

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