Giorno Sei


Today in Italy we went to a leather school. There they teach students how to craft clothing and accessories from leather. We got to see a designer craft his own design onto a leather coaster. It we also got to feel the many different materials that they use to create the different clothes. It really amazed me the different types of skins they use to create the clothes and accessories. Two that stood out were alligator and ostrich. We also got to see the students studying at the school. One student made a reversible leather backpack that was quite stylish. I was very impressed with the school. We then all shopped around at their store and anything we bought we could get our initials imprinted in gold on it.

We then visited the Gucci museum. This was a very interesting trip. We saw a lot of the different outfits that Gucci created. The works were very cool to see, but also very strange. Gucci is probably the most highly demanded clothing brand today. It is amazing to me that anyone could spend so much money on clothes, but I guess that’s just a part of the culture shock. We were given a tour by a very knowledgable tour guide. She explained a little bit of the history and the significance of multiple Gucci pieces in the museum.

After that we went to the Galileo museum. There we learned all about Galileo and his works. We saw many of his inventions and his contributions to science in general. It gave insight to how people of his time lived. For example, I would have never had thought about something as simple as telling time to be a problem. This museum showed us how they told time during Galileo’s time. They used sun dials during the day and they looked for the position of certain stars at night. It was very interesting stuff.



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