Gucci (and Florence) is Gucci

Today we had a hectic day! After a delicious breakfast in Florence, we ventured to the Florentine Leather School. The artisans here were extremely skilled. We were introduced to a variety of techniques. One of the artisans demonstrated a gold plating technique that is common on coasters and bags. Because of the authenticity of the leather, the bags, clothes, and accessories are expensive. They are truly luxury goods but are unique and customizable.

Then we had some time on our own. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, ate gelato, and shopped throughout the central plaza.

Later, we had a tour of the Gucci Gallery Museum. I was fascinated by the vintage clothing and accessories. While Gucci originated as a luxury luggage company, it has since evolved to include dresses, coats, handbags, etc. Our tour guide emphasized that Gucci utilizes art in all of their designs. One of the particular jackets is actually designed as a painting. Apparently environmental sustainability is important to Gucci so they have recently eliminated furs.

Afterwards, we visited the Galileo Museum. Our tour guide was extremely passionate about the history of the science and technology. We even saw Galileo’s fingers because he was a martyr of science. People did not believe his findings originally but now society completely respects and understands his notions.

After relaxing in our hotel for a little while, we had a delicious dinner at an authentic Italian dinner and the best gelato to date! Sweet ending to a productive and culturally engaging day!

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