I Can’t Afford Any of This

Today, we went on a site visit to the Scuola del Cuoio, a Florentine leather school. When we first got there, we watched a worker use a special technique to decorate leather with intricate gold leaf patterns. We also learned a lot about the different leather they work with. Each animal leather has different characteristics affecting price, durability, and what will be made from it. We toured a room where we got to watch students at work, sewing handbags of their own design. At the end of the tour, we visited the gift shop, where many students purchased souvenirs and gifts. The store carried a few smaller items that were within my price range, but the larger ones, such as purses, were definitely out of it. They also offered to emboss what we bought with our initials for free.

We then had independent lunch, where I enjoyed (yet another) delicious pizza. After lunch, we visited the Gucci Gallery where we learned about the history of the Gucci company and its fashion. We viewed many pieces from the past several decades that were absolutely stunning. I am very interested in fashion, so this was my favorite museum thus far. We walked around the gift shop here, but sadly I could not even come close to affording anything.

Next, we went straight to the Museo Galileo to learn about the history of science and technology. I enjoyed the section of the museum dedicated to astrology and time. Also, we saw two of Galileo’s actual fingers that were pulled off as he was lowered into his grave. It was pretty gross, but we’ve been joking about seeing the fingers since the first day of the trip, so it was a must.


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