It’s Gucci

Today, we traveled to the Florentine Leather School. It was very cool! We saw them marking the leather with imprints, hand stitching the leather, and cutting the different types of leather. It was interesting to see how the different types of leather varied in look and price. The most expensive leather was the alligator leather which was priced by centimeter and not by square foot like other leathers. I bought a bracelet from the boutique and they marked it for me with my monogram.

We also visited the Gucci Gallery and it was awesome! There were pieces from all Gucci collections dating back through the 1900’s up until now. It was very cool to see how the Gucci styles have come and gone. It was a super artsy museum which is why I loved it! Our tour guide told us that in about 3 months everything in the gallery will change due to how fast fashion changes.

The Galileo museum was our next stop! I had previously done a research paper on Galileo so I had already known a bunch about him. I was most excited to see his finger and I saw it today! As I was sitting on one of the benches, I actually started talking to some girls who were from Robert Morris University on a study abroad trip as well. I was very shocked that I had met them but it was cool that I did. IMG_7230.jpgIMG_7258.jpg

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