Day 6: I’m Still Not Sick of Pizza


This morning, we went to the Florentine Leather School.  We were taught how leather products are made by observing the workers there.  We learned about the prices and various uses of different kinds of leather, and how the leather is cut and then assembled into purses, wallets, belts, and other items.  It’s also a school, and offers three and six month courses in leather working.  Our guide told us that the best deer leather comes from Virginia, and that was a pretty proud American moment!


Afterwards, I had a salad for lunch (probably the first time I had vegetables on this trip) and gelato.  We then went to the Gucci Garden, which was an exhibit of Gucci creations from the past and present.  It was interesting to see a representation of the Gucci style, since I was not familiar with it before.

We then went to the Galileo Galilei museum, which was basically just a science and astronomy museum with a room dedicated to Galilei.  We got to see his chopped off middle finger though, and that was pretty cool.

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