Nature is defined by the rhythm of the seasons and its capacity to evoke a web of myths and secrets; an enchanted territory divided between two poles – beauty and fear – that are characteristic of fairy-tales, but also of daily life in its display of natural phenomena.

Day six in Italy was certainly an interesting one.  We visited the Florence leather school, the Gucci museum, and the Galileo museum.

At the Florence leather school, we had the opportunity to watch an expert leather artisan create a leather coaster decorated in gold.  We watched as he heated the tools, covered the coaster in gold, and then hammered the design.  This artisan was one of the few still remaining, because the leather craft is no longer very popular in Italy.  Then, we watched as students created unique leather products such as a reversible leather backpack.  After the leather school, we took a break for lunch, where I had a truffle ravioli that made me feel very fancy.

At the Gucci museum, we saw some historical clothing designs and art pieces.  These designs spanned the course of Gucci’s history and it was interesting to see how the clothes of this brand have evolved.  The museum also had a theater room, where we watched a video with incredible artistic value about a Fiat being demolished.  While I was not the biggest fan of the Gucci museum, I was happy that my classmates were entertained by the trip.  I titled this blog using a quote that resonated with me from the Gucci museum.

Lastly, we stopped at the Galileo museum, which is a museum dedicated to scientific advancements of all kinds.  We saw heliocentric and geocentric models of the universe, various glass instruments that were crucial in understanding chemistry and physics, and interactive exhibits that illustrated many scientific concepts.  I thought that the Galileo museum was very interesting and it was nice to see so many scientific artifacts in one building.  I’m also very excited to sleep in tomorrow.


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