And On Day Six I Covered My Shoulders To Stand On His

This morning started with a 6 am wake-up call. Because of this insanely early time and when you stay up insanely long hours the day before I thought I would fall asleep right away on the bus. But as we began to travel further outside the city, I realized that these sights weren’t something I wanted to sleep through. The rural area of Vietnam is completely different from Ho Chi Minh City. There are towns along the highway that have a mixture of stores of everything you need. The people seemed more laid back here and took their time to go from place to place. In many of the restaurants hammocks hung alongside the traditional tables, this is something I’ve yet to see in the city. I really enjoyed the feel of the rural town and wished we had a chance to get off the bus and walk through one. Seeing the beauty of Vietnam, I realized that I want to come back one day to spend more time outside of the city. Inside the city trash litters the streets and there really isn’t much greenery. Even though the rural towns were still laden with trash, it didn’t stand out to me as much because the world around is was so lush and vibrant.

First stop was the Jesus Statue. After what felt like a very long, tiring, and almost impossible hike… even though my Fitbit claims it was only 19 active minutes worth… I was looking up at Jesus and ready to begin my adventure climbing inside of him (ik I’m sorry but there’s really not a better way to say that). As I covered my shoulders so that I could stand on his ~clever ik~ I already began to die of heat stroke. Thank goodness Jesus was there to save me though because somehow, maybe by the strength given to me by God I reached the top and wow the view was great. I didn’t think I could ever come down until I heard someone yell up from a different language as a large man tried to push past me… and yep that snapped me back to the reality of passive-aggressive tourists.

We spent the day at a resort in Vung Tau. It was not like your usual beach town. There was no boardwalk or little shops to stop in. However I did not mind this at all, it was so peaceful being able to spend the day swimming in a pool that was right up to the beach. A lot of times when I’m at the beach I spend a lot more time on the boardwalk going in shops rather than actually sitting by the water (well lets be real its really just besides seagulls and rows of families in front of me… I’m lucky if I can see a sliver of the ocean at best, s/o to Ocean City’s overcrowding). I am so glad that today was the complete opposite and I wish we could’ve spent the rest of the trip here. If only three credits could be earned by swimming and sunbathing.

And now here is a little girl sitting on a giant bag of rice. My reaction to this was “omg if the rice bag slips off then this little girl’s going to go flying off.” Kate’s was, “Omg if the bag gets a hole in it from her they’re going to lose all the rice.” Our reactions really show our priorities.

Also on the way home, I saw a guy go whizzing by with a giant tree straddled between his legs and was so upset when I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture. Then by the fate of  the Vung Tau Jesus Statue, we passed him again, but this time he was re-situating the giant tree between his legs because apparently, he did not think his plan through… best of luck to him and his tree!




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