Day 6: Irish the U.S. could be like this

Today we visited Bord Bia, Ireland’s food board. When researching the company we tried classifying it as a company like the FDA in the states, but yet again we were surprised to find out it was another unique company in Ireland (much like Croke Park). After meeting a few people on their staff today, the best way that I can describe their company is a mix between a capital investment and a consulting company.  In short, they are the “Shark Tank” of Irish food and drink.

Their mission is to bring Irish food to the world, which wont only be good for the companies, but will be god for the whole country’s well being.  The funny thing that I kept picking up on while at Bord Bia, was that it wasn’t doing this work for profit, or personal gain.  Instead, you got the feeling that all this research, all this investing and consulting with companies was for Ireland, not Bord Bia.  Now, I understand that they are semi-funded by the government, but even the way that Bord Bia’s employees were talking when presenting made me feel like this was all for the greater good of Ireland’s people.  It is a little difficult to explain but it was a feeling that I don’t get from American Companies.

The togetherness, the pride, the “we all have each other’s back” mentality is something we saw at Croke Park, Pearse Lyons, and now Bord Bia.  I’m not saying it’s America’s fault for not doing this, because Ireland isn’t even close to the size of our country and this sense of community is much easier to achieve in a small country like Ireland.  With that being said, Ireland has done a fantastic job getting everybody to buy in to their mission.  It seems like the whole country is full of national pride, and even though different companies exist, there is an overshadowing sense that they are all working for each other, Ireland Inc.

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