Ciao Florence

Today was sadly our last day in Florence. We got a late start today and went to visit the Academic gallery, which is home to the famous statue of David. I was surprised at how big the sculpture really was and it was really cool to see. After that, we had the rest of the day free to do what we wanted, so of course we went shopping! There are so many stores shops close by so it was easy to navigate between them.

After that, a few of us went to mass in the duomo at 5 which was just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Thankfully, it was in English too. We then walked around for a little more before getting dinner. We had a nice dinner outside and even got to enjoy some live street music while we ate. Since we are leaving for Verona early tomorrow, we went back to the hotel so we could get a good nights sleep.


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