Day 6: Food for thought

We started the day off with class back at Griffith College. After class, we took a visit to a company called Bored Bia. In class, we talked about what this company might be. We viewed it as a government agency overlooking food in Ireland similar to the FDA in the United States. However, our assumptions were very wrong. When we got to Bord Bia looked like a new age tech startup. The office was a very open space with tons of motivational sayings and pictures hanging on the walls. Turns out, Bord Bia is all about helping established Irish food brands and food startups through a variety of marketing techniques.

While on the visit, we had the opportunity to talk to Tom Tully who is the talent manager and one of the big topics he spoke about what “Ireland Inc.” and what it meant to them. This “Ireland Inc.” has been a very common theme across a lot of companies we visited. Basically, it is all about helping Ireland grow as a country in terms of business. The Irish are a very proud people who want to see their country continue to grow and succeed as it has been in recent years. A big focus for Bord Bia when it comes to this is education. Tom talked about graduate schools programs they offer to students where these students can get paid to go back to school to expand their knowledge and culture and hopefully bring it back to the Irish food industry. Based on what Bored Bia and some of the other companies we have seen are doing, I think “Ireland Inc.” is in great hands and will continue its recent successes.

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