Day 7: Craic Rocks

Dear Diary,

Wow.. where to even begin. I’ll be honest: with no context, hearing “hey guys, we are leaving at 7:15am to go see some rocks” doesn’t sound too appealing, initially. I don’t think I could’ve been more wrong.

Our journey began with driving across the entire country of Ireland, from the east coast to the west coast.. that in itself was an adventure. As soon as you leave the city lines of Dublin, it goes 100% rural.

As as you began to approach the West coast, you can tell that you’re doing so. Everything changes. Weird rock formations sprout up, and the landscape, fittingly, moves from rural (lots of cows and sheep) to coastal.

When we arrived at the cliffs, you see the visitor center, which is physically built into the cliff itself. Really cool. Ascending the stairs to get a view of the cliffs, there was nothing I could’ve done to prepare myself. My expectations were shattered. I had a moment where I sat down and tried to take it all in. No phone. No camera. I couldn’t fathom it, really. It makes you feel so small. It makes you realize there are things out of your control. It was humbling, surreal.

There is not many naturally occurring formations that can come close to the Cliffs of Moher, I’d assume. They stretch 5 miles, and are 700 feet tall at some points.

In short, no photo I can show you would do it justice. If given the opportunity… Go.

I actually had a few really interesting ideas as far as business applications at the cliffs go. You’ve seen the advertising planes that fly over the beach each summer right? Why not do this here? The cliffs attract so many tourists, and the ad space would be in high demand I presume. You could also have another stream of income by charging people to take aerial tours in the plane itself. I know I thought to myself: “wow, I wish I could’ve seen all angles of this at once.” 

Now, I do have some reservations. My favorite part of the cliffs was the serenity. I enjoyed the experience. If a plane flying overhead would disrupt this, no amount of money would be worthwhile.


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