Day 7: Florence

I can’t believe that I’m halfway through Plus3. Tomorrow morning we leave to spend a couple day in Verona, so today was our last day in Florence, and it was definitely eventful.

Today we had a guided tour of Florence where we visited the gallery that housed the statue of David. As a former Latin student, I had of course seen the statue in pictures, but seeing it in person was quite striking. You don’t realize just how detailed the statue is until you see in a person. The next part of our walking tour we tried to get into the Duomo, but most of the women were not dressed appropriately for that. Those with longer dresses still barely touched the knees, which can’t be exposed inside the Duomo. Most people (including myself) ended up leaving to enjoy their free afternoon, but I believe those who stayed tried tying jackets around their knees.

I spent my free time catching up with my friend Elettra, who lives in Italy and was a foreign exchange student at my high school during my senior year. I was so happy that she came from two hours away, and nearly missed two trains just to see me. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant where we had lunch, but it was very good. For dessert, we went to the Magnum store, where we got to make our own Magnum customized Magnum bars. There was a Magnum store in Rome that did this, so I knew that it would be good.

Shortly after saying goodbye to Elettra, I got dinner with some friends on the other side of the bridge, which we decided to have a whole photo shoot in front of because it was beautiful and the sun was setting. The restaurant was called Trattoria something- many restaurants in Florence are Trattoria something or other, and most of us, including myself, had the gnocchi. On the way back from dinner a couple of us decided to ride the carousel that we saw in one of the squares because we wanted to relive our childhoods for a bit.





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