Gimme Moher

Visiting the cliffs today was simply surreal.  To be honest, I went into the visit a little cynical as I do with most touristy places, but I was blown away by its beauty and the surrounding countryside.  It’s crazy how places like that give you perspective and make you realize how truly small you are in this world.  I think my overall personal feeling was how lucky I was to be able to experience it.  There are so many people who will never get the chance to see the cliffs in their lives and even some people that were there were in a wheelchair or walker and couldn’t experience it to as full of an extent as those of us who are more able bodied.  It was truly a time of reflection for me.

On the professional side of things, it added a lot of clarity to my career path.  I realized while walking around that my ideal career would send me traveling, not necessarily to the Cliffs of Moher or even around the world, but if my job could take me traveling on a consistent basis that would be a dream.  Going forward, that will definitely be a focus of mine as I try to sift through the hundreds of different things I could do as a career, a decision which is approaching very quickly.  Anyway, for now I am glad to have experienced that in my lifetime and I feel very lucky to have done so.

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