Day 7: Is anything Moher awesome than The Cliffs?

IMG_0869.JPGGoing into today, I had had highly been anticipating being able to finally see the Cliffs of Moher. I felt like I had heard so much about them and seen so many pictures of them I was very excited to see for myself and they didn’t disappoint. Personally, I think the Cliffs were the coolest thing I have seen throughout my life this far. I was just in awe from when we first got there and were able to look out over the cliffs out into the ocean. To me, the trip to the cliffs was a very humbling experience about just how small each of us is in this world and how there are so many extraordinary things out there to see and experience.

Professionally, I felt The Cliffs of Moher would have been a lot more commercialized for how big of a tourist attraction it is to people across the globe. However, they only had a few little gift shops and a restaurant built into a hillside. It looked like there was some construction in progress to build some kind of building there that I would guess will act as another spot for visitors to eat and shop. After visiting, I really liked the fact that it wasn’t very commercialized and just how natural it all felt. I hope they continue to leave the Cliffs of Moher as they are and not build to much around them that could tamper with the appeal of it.

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