Day 7: No Moher Parties In Dublin (Feat. Kanye West)

What an unbelievable day! Today was our first of two group excursions, where we went to the spectacular Cliffs of Moher. Despite waking up extremely early and having to drive 3 hours across the country, literally, the view we got today was once in a lifetime. We got blessed with amazing weather of sun and clear skies, especially in a place so accustomed to rain and fog.

The drive to the Cliffs was full of green and more stunning views of the Irish countryside. The drive through the countryside was what I expected the whole country of Ireland to look like. Upon arriving and getting off the bus and walking up the initial climb to get our first glance of the Cliffs, it was very cool to see the shops built into the Cliffs as well as getting the pleasant smell of fresh ocean saltwater. Walking up the Cliffs was a weird combination of awe, from the views, and anxiety, from standing near and watching people stand near the edge of the Cliffs. After walking around and just taking in the breathtaking views, I took a moment to just sit down and just appreciate this experience. I have had many amazing travel experiences in my life such as climbing and going into a glacier in Iceland and watched surfers take on the huge waves on the North Shore in Hawaii, but today’s experience may have topped them all. The views, the overall happiness of being there and the weather just created a perfect combination for a perfect day.

From a professional standpoint, I look at this trip as something I can learn about myself. Being on this trip, there’s very little time where we can all sit down and just relax due to meetings with companies and classes, the chance to step away from all the craziness is something I can learn to appreciate more and utilize more to my advantage. While there may have been not much to learn from a business perspective there was a lot to learn about myself to help better myself for my own health.

P.S. Still haven’t heard back from Kanye if he will be featured on this but I’m hopeful he will. Hopefully will have another nice night in Dublin. Thanks Liz!

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