Friday Blog Post

It is hard to believe we’ve been here a week already, which means our trip is halfway over with! In one week I think I have developed a broad understanding of the culture, people, and landscape of Ireland. I have had the opportunity to talk to many different locals and gain insight on what it’s like to live in this beautiful country.

Ireland has been extremely successful in marketing itself as a unique brand compared to other countries. At the center of this, and what drives all innovation here, is the culture. Irish people feel extremely passionate about keeping the culture alive and educating as many people about their history. This is why people travel from all over the place to come visit Ireland’s top attractions. I have noticed that all of the biggest attractions still preserve the culture without over commercializing and causing distractions (i.e. the Cliffs). Something else that I have noticed is people are so willing to educate you on the history of Ireland. Even when going to restaurants or tourist attractions, The workers don’t want to bother you, but if you walk up to them and ask them a question you might be sitting there for 20 minutes talking to them about Gaelic culture. Because of this, I have gained a deeper appreciation for cultures other than my own and will be forcing the rest of my family to take a trip here with me again.

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