Day 7: The Wild West

Have you ever seen something so magnificent and beautiful it brings you to actual tears?  If you haven’t, visit the Cliffs of Moher on the Western coast of Ireland.  Any picture that I post with this blog just cannot do it justice.  The sheer size of the cliffs, the power of the waves crashing into the sides, it all makes you feel so small, and so humble.  Seeing something that massive, and seeing the power that nature has really made me think about all the dumb little things I worry about on a daily basis.  I had never seen anything like the landscape there at those cliffs and I don’t know if I ever will again.  However, I will always try to remember that humbling feeling of pure amazement, as I stood by myself, looking out at the cliff’s monstrous beauty.  It was as if mother nature had opened my mind to a new way of thinking.  Something that big can put a perspective on your small problems.  I hope I remember that, and can find out what matters in this life and put my focus on that.

Clearly, the Cliffs of Moher had a huge personal impact on me, so it was hard to step out of that and look at the site in a professional lens.  There was one thing that did stand out to me though, it all felt so real.  They were able to commercialize the area to tourists without taking away much of the raw beauty in the cliffs.  The gift shop was literately built into the mountain, the walkways were laid out with the original thin rock walls, and the tower looked like was up-kept, but not renovated at all since it was built hundreds of years ago.  They even refused to widen the roads leading up to the cliffs, which (even though it makes traffic a little worse) makes it all seem that much more authentic when you get there.  Its like they made a place a tourist attraction without making it touristy-looking.  I think that was a solid business move because the natural beauty is what makes that place so great.

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