First full day of Florence

Today we started off the day by learning about the production of leather products at the Scuola del Cuoio. We learned about the different leather products and saw how the artisans worked on the leather goods. I was fascinated by watching the artisans work on the leather and sew the different leather pieces together to create a bag. I also enjoyed learning about the different types of leather and the different skins that can be made into leather products. We learned that exotic skins such as alligator and python  can be very expensive because they are very rare and only a few artisans are able to work them.

I also enjoyed the demonstration on how the gilding was done and how much artistic skill it took to create the artistic designs on the leather. 

After the leather school we got to enjoy a lunch on our own and had some time to explore the city. After lunch Spencer and I walked around Florence to see what was around and stumbled upon a church that had some cool artwork inside. 

After seeing the church we went to the Gucci Gardens to see the Gucci fashion designs. Which I though was a little interesting in how the designs changed throughout time but there were some art prices that just didn’t make sense to me

After the Gucci Garden we went to a science museum about scientific studies funded by the rich families of Florence, specifically the Medici family and Galileo. I thought it was cool how the maps and globes evolved over time because of the discovery of new places and the advancements of map making technology.  I was kind of weirded out by having pieces of Galileo’s body there but overall enjoyed the museum visit. 

After the museum we got to have independent dinner and explore and shop throughout the city which I enjoyed. 

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