Day 1: To China, The 14 Hour Journey

SepulvedaDMost people aren’t very excited to be traveling fifteen plus hours, but for me, the excitement is felt through every part of my body. I’m going to see China, the largest, most populated country on the entire planet. Not only is this country exciting, but it’s rich with history that dates thousands and thousands of years. Nothing in the United States can compare to the wisdom and cultural I’ll be learning about in China.

Our day began at 2 am. I didn’t sleep at all the night before. This was my plane strategy to get through this fourteen-hour flight. The bus ride was exciting, I knew it was finally happening. We got to the Pittsburgh Airport and sorted out all of our things. I was nervous because I didn’t really know anyone and could not imagine the plane ride whatsoever. For future reference, if you are a contact user, you should 100% use your glasses on this day because contacts will dry out your eyes so much.

Our first flight was from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C, it was only 20 minutes, so I slept by the window. I honestly don’t remember this flight because I was so exhausted. The second flight was the real journey. The plane included three sections of seats with three seats each. I sat on the far right-hand seat by the window which was very nice. I started the trip out by completing my sleep cycle. I woke up at the sixth hour. What to do now? There were so many movie options. I watched Coco to start. It was amazing, I definitely cried, and I also think my movie decision encourage the boy seating next to me to also watch Coco. Next, The Wedding Singer, a classical. We were then served some meals and in-between the meals I took small naps. Finally, after my nap cycles I watched 21 Jump Street. I knew the time was approaching and China would soon be here.

When I got off the plane it felt like my legs were jelly, my calves were sore, and my mind was lost and confused. I felt as if I was in an odd daze. As we left the airport the first thing I noticed was the greeting of small puffs that fell from the sky. My eyes could see a city of friendly faces and hear a familiar, yet, foreign language. I was in China, but my tired daze made it feel as if I could not comprehend the excitement of it all.

Our only activity planned was a meal. We were introduced to the students from the Asian Institute, Liliana and Jane. They took us to a restaurant. We sat in large circular tables with clear spinning tops. Meals started to pour in little by little and then faster and faster. We were introduced to tons of new food trying to function with chopsticks and exploring all the different flavors. It was different than what I was used to and I liked it a lot. There it was the daze slowly disappearing and it finally hit me that I was in China.

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