Friday Bord Bia

On Friday we had a great tour of Bord Bia.  Bord Bia or Irish Food Board is an Irish semi state agency with the aim of promoting sales of Irish food and horticulture both abroad and in Ireland itself.  Tom Tully and the rest of the crew gave us a neat tour, showed us a video and talked about their jobs. Bord Bia’s mission is to evangelize Ireland and help maximize their revenue.  The goal is to get it to 19 billion by 2019. Additionally, Tully discussed how Bord Bia’s sole purpose is to help Ireland incorporated.  This essentially means they want the best for all the Irish companies.  They provide marketing data and help consult companies on what to do.  Also, they are semi state funded so they are both private and government owned. This is something we don’t have in America and is a great concept to learn from.

bord bia



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