I Want to Buy or Eat Everything Here

We started the day off by visiting the Galleria dell’Accademia. This museum is home to the famous Statue of David by Michelangelo. Seeing the statue up close was very impressive; it is much larger than I thought. The museum houses many other historical statues, and we got to learn about them on an informative guided tour. Afterwards, we took a short walking tour that ended at the cathedral of Florence.

Later on, I attended mass at the cathedral with a few other students as well as Dr. Bursic and Dr. Clark. The inside of the church was absolutely gorgeous. The mass was very nice, and luckily, it was in English. I’m glad that we were able to work this into our schedule today, as we will be traveling to Verona tomorrow morning.

After mass, I went shopping at some stores and boutiques throughout Florence. I loved looking at all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories, and I even bought a few things. A few of my friends and I splurged on pairs of Italian leather shoes that we can’t wait to wear. We then enjoyed our last dinner in Florence outside at a cute restaurant right next to the cathedral. I had rigatoni in a tomato, bacon, and onion sauce that was so delicious. There were a few men playing violin near the restaurant, so we enjoyed entertainment with our meals. We stopped for gelato on the way back to the hotel that was really tasty. I’m excited to tour Verona tomorrow and Venice on Monday!

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