From the Classroom, To the City, to Jesus

After 5 days of professionalism and fancy dresses, today was a day where we could finally dress casually and go to Vung Tao (beach day!!). Waking up at 5:30 am may not have been the most fun experience, but the day overall was amazing. The 3-hour bus ride to the beach was interesting because for the times I wasn’t passed out asleep, I was able to see the rural areas of Vietnam. The little towns we passed through were very interesting to me because it seemed as though each town was just all farms with a few shops and religious temples in the middle of all that farmland. There were also significantly less people in each town than in Ho Chi Minh, which meant significantly less motorbikes and horn honking.

After 3 hours of these farms and small towns, we finally arrived to Vung Tao. With resorts stretching miles down this one strip that we drove, it was clear that this town was a tourist town. Prior to going to the resort, though, we chose to hike this trail that led to a big statue of Jesus at the top. While the view was nothing like I’ve ever seen before, all I have to say is I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I thought the hike was going to be like a trail, but when we got there, and I realized it was just straight steps the entire way up the mountain, I knew I was in for some pain. Like I said, though, the view was completely worth the hike because seeing that even for just a couple of minutes was amazing and no words can describe how beautiful it was.

After descending to the bus after the hike, we finally drove to the resort that we were staying at for the day. Pulling up, I was shocked at how nice it was. With a pool basically on the beach, it seemed like it was a resort in Florida rather than a resort in Vietnam. The second we finished our lunch at the restaurant there, our group all flung ourselves into the pool to enjoy it and to cool off after the hike. After hours of hanging out in the pool and on the beach, we finally headed back to Ho Chi Minh City. This day of relaxation, though, was much needed and enjoyed by everyone.IMG_1544.jpgIMG_1543.jpgIMG_1549.jpg

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