Day Six

We started off our day with a visit to the leather school. We got to see the whole process of how leather bags and clothing pieces are created.

Next, we were able to go get lunch on our own and explore. A friend and I found a place to sit at outside, and I tried gnocchi for the first time! After that, we went into a few stores and shopped around.

The next museum we attended was the Gucci museum. I thought that it was so interesting to see all of the vintage clothing and bags. Our final museum of the day was the Galileo museum, which was my favorite! The Galileo museum consisted of so many old scientific devices and inventions. We learned about how a few of the old devices worked and what they were used for, such as how they used the stars to tell the time of day.

To end our day, we went to an authentic Italian restaurant for dinner. For dessert, we got gelato(again). Since we didn’t get back too late, we were able to finally have a relaxing night and catch up on sleep.

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