Galileo Figaro

Today in Florence was amazing! It was such an activity filled day. For starters we went to the Florentine Leather School, a school for the artistry of leather crafting that dates back to 1294. Today the school still teaches students how to make leather goods, and also sells leather products. We learned about different types of leather and what differentiates them in quality, characteristics, and price. We all got to feel the beautiful leathers which was so satisfying. We also saw how the company incorporates real 24 karat gold designs onto its leather products, and how the leather is embroidered and stitched. Then we took a look at their students, who have the freedom to work on their own ideas for leather and keep their finished products. At the end of the tour I got my sister a gift and took advantage of the companies policy of the free gold design of her initials. I learned that my favorite type of activities on this trip are the site visits, probably because I am truly interested in fashion.
Next we went to the Gucci Garden, a museum made up of different Gucci pieces throughout the years. All of the pieces were to die for, and it was a super intriguing museum for me. I’m super into modern art and fashion, and this museum was a combination of the two. We actually got to go in for free which was even better. Unfortunately everything was too expensive for me to buy in the gifts store.

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Lastly, we visited the Galileo Museum, which was a science museum dedicated to the scientific achievements of Galileo. It focused on his contributions into the study of anatomy such as the telescope and the tour guide talked about his life as a astronomer in a time where religion was the end all be all, and his discoveries were conflicting with the teachings of the Church. He was punished severely by being sent to jail. It’s crazy that there was a time when religion was not an option at all and majority of decisions were made based on what the Church said. The museum was very eye opening and towards the end we even got to see Galileo’s finger!


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