Into the Duomo

Today our group had a chance to catch up o some much needed sleep since we didn’t meet until noon.  Once we did meet, we were lead on a tour of another art museum.  This museum was smaller than the last, but it included many impressive works, a large amount of which were produced by Michelangelo.  We got to see the Statue of David along with several of his unfinished statues.  The Statue of David was very impressive, weighing in at over 12,000 lbs and standing 17 ft tall.  He is chiseled out of marble and looks remarkably human, and is probably the most impressive piece of art I have seen so far.

After touring the museum we were given an interior tour of the Duomo here in Florence.  We have been walking past and admiring the exterior for the past couple of days, but today the entry line was short enough so we went in to look around.  It was very beautiful and ornate being decorated with the traditional gold leaves of Florence and religious paintings and sculptures.  The inside of the dome ceiling was one of the highlights, being painted to depict the various stages of life and creation.  The size of the Duomo was also extremely impressive.  From floor to ceiling the highest point inside the cathedral measures 90 meters, and the widest stretch from side to side also measures 90 meters.  These two dimensions line up perfectly together to make a cross, much like the shape of the entire building.

Again, today was another great day.  Sadly, tomorrow we depart Florence and head to Verona.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of Italy, but I will miss Florence.  This city has really drawn me in, and I am not ready to say goodbye yet.

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