Tourist City

Today we got a chance to sleep which was extremely helpful because most had been basically falling asleep yesterday. For breakfast, since I woke up late, I had two sandwiches. Both were very good, but I didn’t realize that one was simply just tomato and cheese. I was expecting some meat, but it still tasted good. After we left the hotel at noon we went to an art museum and as the David statue. This was a very nice statue, but think I appreciated some of the paintings surrounding it more.

An interesting thing about Florence that I am noticing is that there are way more American. Almost every Italian speaks enough English to speak with and American. There are much larger crowds and many things have wait lines to get into. This is so much different than Milan, where there are crowds, but not nearly as big. This is such a touristy location that there was even a Mass in English at the Duomo. This was very nice, 9 or so of us went. The priest was from Africa. The chapel was full of Americans. And it was refreshing hearing some English that was spoken decently. Last Sunday’s Mass was in Italian. Either way, today was another great day.

So far this trip has taught me that I enjoy traveling. Hopefully when I one day become an engineer, I will be able to take short business trips for my job. It is still surprising me that is is a class. Italy is such a great country that it feels like a vacation.

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