Ireland Day 6

Over the course of our various site visits, it has been made clear that “Ireland Inc.” is definitely real. While at Bord Bia yesterday Ireland Inc. was referenced again and it was obvious that Bord Bia was on board with the idea. Ireland Inc. is the idea of hiring Irish workers, promoting Irish companies, and overall endorsing Ireland in the business setting. Bord Bia also discussed the idea of evangelizing Ireland as a company. This is similar to the idea of Ireland Inc. in my opinion because is about developing a customer base that is strongly invested in the company or product. In this case, Bord Bia was referring to their company as well as Ireland as a country.

Over my past 6 days in Ireland, I have noticed that the companies we visited and just generally the Irish people are very into this idea of Ireland Inc. We have spoken to a variety of companies and everyone we spoke to were in fact, Irish. This ties into the idea of Irish pride which was discussed a few days ago. I think the idea of Ireland Inc is great for Ireland in their business settings because it helps to employ Irish workers as well as keep businesses and some production in Ireland instead of possibly outsourcing.

As we have discussed several times, business here in Ireland is relational not transactional, as it is in America most of the time. Although making money and having a strong business is very important, the Irish people tend to value the relationships they make with coworkers as well as the history of the company, too. This was demonstrated at the Pearse Lyons Distillery because the whole reason they had a distillery where they did and not at a bigger location was because of the history of the church it was located at. Overall, this idea of Ireland Inc. is definitely very evident across the companies we have visited so far.


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