Moher Viewz

The Cliffs of Moher exceeded all of my expectations which may have been steeper than the walk up to the site. Our day started with a 3 hour voyage out of Dublin and into County Clare. It was impossible to become bored on our way there as the views out the window were so serene. Colorful clusters of cows and flocks of sheep were feeding and playing in vibrant green grasslands. Beautiful little houses and cottages kept my attention and in the moment I felt like I was looking at pictures from a storybook.

I stood there, mouth agape, at the top of the cliffs enchanted by the water and the beautiful setting. We bumped into and shared laughs with people from all over the world all sharing the same fascination for such gorgeous scenery and fear of slipping while capturing the most perfect instagrammable moment. The walk down was bittersweet as I felt like I accomplished something and ticked off a note on my bucket list but I also realized that even if I did ever get the opportunity to return it would be unlikely that it would be on such a beautiful day like today.

From a standpoint of a business student, I think that the owners of the little shops at the cliffs are doing exactly what any savvy business person would do. They are taking advantage of the fact that The Cliffs of Moher is one of the most visited attractions in Ireland so they adorn the site with quaint cafes and coffee shops neighboring crowded giftshops and other places in which tourists feel the need to spend their money. There is an incredible amount of traffic that goes through the little towns en route to the Cliffs and its comforting to know that all kinds of people stop to support the small businesses there outside of Dublin.

Moher views tomorrow as some of Plus3 Ireland takes a hike to the small Irish village of Howth!


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