Pizza con… Pistacchio?

Today was our seventh day in Italy and we are now over halfway done with the trip.  It feels so weird that we have already been in the country for that much time.  As a group, we visited the Statue of David and the gallery that houses it, saw the inside of the Duomo, and went to mass at the Duomo.  Unfortunately, I have been feeling a bit under the weather and didn’t get a chance to do much in addition to those things.

To start the day off, we saw the Statue of David.  I had no idea how big the statue actually is; David is a whopping seventeen feet tall.  This must be how it feels to be 5’11”.  The tour guide told us all about the history of the statue including its creation, movement from outdoors to indoors, and damage.  At some point, the shoulders, fingers, and toes have all been damaged.  The statue is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen and now I understand why it is such a cultural icon.  The gallery also had a massive room of statues and busts, which was incredible to see as well.

After visiting the gallery, we headed to the Duomo.  The cathedral is massive, and above the altar is one of the biggest domes in the world.  The inside of the dome is covered completely in biblical paintings, and it was so high up that I could barely make out some of the figures.  Since today was a special occasion in the church (the Ascension), we were able to see the massive front doors of the Duomo be opened, which apparently does not happen often.  We took a break for lunch and then came back for mass, which was different but very enjoyable.  The priest actually asked for volunteers to read instead of a canter so that was pretty neat.

For lunch, we visited another pizza place, where I picked something I couldn’t read on the menu.  My featured image is the pizza I received, which had pistachios and orange cream on it.  It was a pretty interesting thing to eat, and that menu strategy hasn’t given me a bad meal yet.  Though, I wonder if this pizza was actually just a prank to see if Americans can be convinced to order the strangest things on pizza in the name of Italian authenticity…  Regardless, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to visiting Verona tomorrow.

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