Sleep, My Old Friend

Not going to lie, not having a start time until 12 today was really nice. I have been told that I am not a real human being until 11, so the late start time was definitely beneficial. Our first stop was the museum where the statue of David is kept. Seeing the statue in person was a cool experience. There was also an entire room full of statues that I was in awe of. I am fascinated by the emphasis on nakedness that has been in almost every museum we have visited thus far and what it tells about views at the time of creation.


After the museum, we went to the Duomo in Florence. The inside was absolutely gorgeous. The outside had color and a pattern unlike the one in Milan. I, unfortunately, cannot compare the insides as I did not see the inside of the Duomo in Milan.


To end the day, five of us went shopping and took pictures by the river. I also grabbed gelato on the way back. I chose caffé and tiramisu, which were fantastic. Second best gelato I have ever had. The best was the caffé gelato I got last night. Because we had already done a lot of walking, three of us chose to go to dinner a couple blocks away from the hotel. All three of us ordered salads. Mine had spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, and goat cheese. I found out I am in love with goat cheese. You learn something new everyday.


Tomorrow is another decently late start before we head off to Verona. I am beyond excited to see Verona. Prepare for all the excitement this blog will contain tomorrow. Until then, ciao!

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