I forgot my jacket

The work of the Quakers has greatly impacted Monteverde since their arrival in 1951. Their work has positively impacted Monteverde. One of the main things that they did was start to preserve the forests. Besides protecting wildlife, this movement has actually had other benefits. It has brought in many tourists to the area. This ultimately puts more money into their economy. This can go along way. It can allow newer technology to be bought and can actually end up creating easier ways to preserve the forests.

Foreigners have recently been traveling to Monteverde. This is extremely influential for their economy. Since there are more tourists, it allows places like Life Monteverde to offer other things like tours to make money. It also helps them spread their beliefs, work ethic, and culture to tourists. I believe this is a positive shift. The only real negative drawback is that it creates more pollution and harm to the environment. Everything else has a positive impact on Monteverde.

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