The Best Meal Ever

Today was an overall good day.   I met someone at the front desk who I talked with about culture and sports in America and Italy last night, and it was really refreshing to make a friend that’s from such a different part of the world.   He says his village makes the best wine in the world, and I am keeping it secret out of respect for how authentic and small of a town he comes from.  Being a 3rd generation Yinzer I have seen what it can be like to see so many people try to eliminate your identity and local culture, because they just go somewhere for a job or school and do not respect the culture.  This morning we were able to sleep in and then we got to get a guide tour of the place where the original David statue is.  He was really kind and answered all my questions and agreed to disagree about my favorite artist, but still show respect for my opinion.

After this  I spent the day searching far and wide for a nice elephant change purse I could afford for my gramma who has surgery tomorrow and I am really worried for.  Wish street vendors understood the free market and the art of negotiation and that’s why I ended up buying from a brick and mortar store.  I did talk someone down for a print of my favorite piece of art ever from Leonardo from 35 euro to 5 euro.  After shopping for what should be my final souvenirs I went out to dinner with a friend to the most authentic Italian place ever, and I will not tell the name, because they are not a place for tourists, and it takes a strong grasp on European culture to truly be accepted somewhere so original and true to itself.  The image I chose to include in my blog is one of my favorite meal of my whole life up until now and it was the seafood inspired risotto of the day.IMG_2553

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