Vietnam from Jesus’ Point of View

As we drove for around two and a half hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, the scenery changed from city to town to marsh to resort town. While not being a known destination for beach-goers worldwide, Vung Tau had the whole package of a five star resort town. There were tons of resorts and hotels lining the coast and the one we visited was exquisite. We ate lunch first and it was a delicious five course meal of garlic bread, calamari, chicken Caesar salad, pumpkin soup, cajun sea bass, and creme brûlée. I’m not usually a salad person or a fish person, but these were insanely good. The resort had an infinity pool and really nice beach chairs and umbrellas, which is commonplace at resort towns. What shocked me was the fact that they had a cold tub rather than a hot tub, as I had never heard of such a thing before but it definitely made sense and felt refreshing. Resort towns also have tourist attractions nearby, and that was the case with Vung Tau and the statue of Jesus. The journey up to the statue was an exhausting one, but the adrenaline kicked in once I got up and inside the statue and took the narrow stairs up to see the magnificent view. I have been in tall buildings before to see views, but this was unique. I was outside standing on a Jesus statue’s shoulders and looking at a whole town and beach and that’s the moment that had me shook. The Vietnamese people inside the statue and on the rest stops were very friendly, as they moved out of the way on the stairs to the best of their ability and little kids waved when I walked past.


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