A Different City Every Day!

We had yet another travel day! We drove 3 hours and arrived at the city of Verona. Other than stopping for a quick bite to eat at another rest stop (which again, was very tasty!) it was a straight shot trip from Florence. After arriving, we checked into our very nice rooms! One thing I really appreciate is that there are outlets in the hotel in which you can change the voltage to either 115 watts or 220 watts, that way you wont have to use a converter! I will feel a lot better about using my straightener here.

After everyone was settled in we went on a walking tour of Verona. Coming to this city, I had no idea what to expect and thought nothing could be better than Florence, but boy was I wrong! This city is amazing! It is so quiet and peaceful. It has a ton of cute shops up and down the streets and also has a huge arena that resembles the Colosseum in Rome. It only costs 1 euro to go into the arena so hopefully I have time to explore it. On the walking tour, we also saw Romeo and Juliet’s houses and it was cool to see that because I read a ton of Shakespeare in high school.

After the walking tour, we had a nice group dinner at a small pizzeria near our hotel. We had a huge meal! We had tortellini with white sauce and ham, penne pasta with tomato sauce, veil, salad, fries, and dessert! I am stuffed! Tomorrow we go to Venice and I can’t wait to see yet another city in Italy.

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